Backyard Trampoline Burlington

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Backyard Trampoline Burlington

We are also people like you who love to exercise, along with having fun, lots of fun. So leaving the stairclimbers and weight machines, we decided to create a platform where you can rise and can enjoy open jump arenas along with playing trampoline dodgeball, do flips and somersaults.

Categories That We Have With Backyard Trampoline Burlington

Open Jump Arena 

Open Jump Arena is one of the main jumping and fun area where friends and buddies can jump together along with performing acrobatics activities while our Backyard Trampoline Burlington staff monitors you all the time that you should have a safe play from all angles.


We care for your fun and thus we have a combined thrill of classic dodgeball along with the excitement of the Backyard Trampoline Burlington VT,  we offer a great time for birthday parties, group and corporate events, and field trips to enjoy with our trampoline range. 


Choose from our options of padded lance for you, and enjoy the blast along with working to maintain your balance while trying to knock your opponent from the beam. It is important that someone has to be the X-Beam Champion!

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How Can You Enjoy Having a Trampoline in Your Backyard?

There a lot of ways you can create a fun-filled day having the Backyard Trampoline Burlington, like birthdays and parties, your favorite one’s birthdays come around once a year, and there’s only a small way through which you can make your child an outgrow traditional kids’ birthday party. That’s why you should make each trip around the sun in your backyard by throwing a fun-filled, hassle-free birthday bash in your backyard.

Backyard Trampoline Burlington

We are Known as a popular launching and landing pad for active kids, and our Backyard Trampoline Burlington, is more than a fun place to play; it’s also the perfect spot to make your child’s day special, in a way that doesn’t involve pinning a tail on a donkey or bashing a piñata to pieces. Let your little child burn off some steam (and burn off some calories from the birthday cake) on our safe, soft-padded sports trampoline being the best Backyard Trampoline Burlington, and give your child an unforgettable birthday experience with our party packages, private rooms, and pizza parties and trampoline. 

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So do contact us now, or visit our website to get the best Backyard Trampoline and we will provide you with the best assistance, so call us to know the details about the backyard accessories. 



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